FRO-31 Friendway 650/65R25 Loader Tire

Latest design with alternating and muti-edged blocks offers
better flotation and excellent traction on soft and muddy soil.
Longer tread life due to the deeper tread depth and unique tread compound.
Additional protective sidewalls are shaped to minimize damage from cutting.
Optimised Retreading Ability because of the robust casing

Get superior performance and durability with our 650/65R25 Loader Tires, designed for maximum efficiency and reliability on a variety of terrains. These tires offer exceptional traction, stability, and load-carrying capacity, making them ideal for demanding construction and mining applications. With a sturdy construction and advanced tread design, our 650/65R25 Loader Tires provide excellent resistance to wear and punctures, ensuring a longer service life and lower operating costs. Whether you’re working in rough terrain or challenging conditions, these tires deliver the performance and reliability you need to get the job done. Invest in quality and choose our 650/65R25 Loader Tires for your heavy-duty equipment.

Tire Size PATTERN TT/TL Rim TRA CODE Load      Speed Index Star Rating Tread Overall Section Inflation Load Speed (Kmy/mph)
Depth Diameter Width Pressure Capacity
(mm/32ND) (mm/32ND) (mm/inch) (KPa/PSl) (Kg/Lbs)
650/65R25 FRO-31 TL 19.50/2.5 E-3/L-3 180B ★★ 42 1490 640 425 8000 50
★★ 53 58.7 25.2 62 17600 30
200A2 ★★ 42 1490 640 625 14000 10
★★ 53 58.7 25.2 91 30900 6


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