Bargain HAIDA studded tires HD677

Type: studded tires
MOQ: Mixed sizes total 1x20ft container
175/70R13 175/65R14 185/65R14 185/70R14 185/60R15  185/65R15
195/65R15 205/65R15 205/55R16 205/60R16 215/60R16 215/55R17
225/55R17 225/50R17 225/45R17 235/45R18 215/65R16 265/70R16
265/65R17 215/60R17 225/60R17 225/65R17 235/65R17 265/60R18

HAIDA studded tires HD677

1 The HD677 Studded tires design with directionalv-Shape grooves enhancesthe flowing of water andsnovw in the grooves, whichcan effectively drainage thesnowand’water andprovides better traction andgrasp force in the snow/icyroad.
2 TheStudded tires  design with 3Dgroovesincreased the contacting areawith ice and snow and improvedthe grasp force.The patterndesign with continuous pattern inthe tire cap effectively increasedthe
3 rigidity of the pattern,theslant fine and wave groovesensures better stability ofsteerability.
4 The opti mized designarrangement of stud holeincreases the grasp force onsnow/icy road and reduced thenoise,providing better steerabilityand traction force on snow/icyroad.

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Load Index speed wet grip Fuel Effciency Noise Db Inflation Pressure(kpa)
175/70R13 T 82 c c 71 300
175/65R14 T 86 XL c c 71 340
185/65R14 T 90 XL c c 71 340
185/70R14 T 92 XL c c 71 340
185/60R15 T 88 XL c c 71 340
185/65R15 T 92XL c c 72 340
195/65R15 T 95 XL c c 72 340
205/65R15 T 99 XL c c 72 340
205/55R16 T 94 XL c c 72 340
205/60R16 T 96 XL c c 72 340
215/60R16 T 99 XL c c 72 340
215/55R17 T 98XL c c 72 340
225/55R17 T 101XL c c 72 340
225/50R17 T 98 XL c c 72 340
225/45R17 T 94XL c c 72 340
235/45R18 T 98 XL c c 72 340
215/65R16 T 102XL c c 72 340
265/70R16 T 112 c c 73 300
265/65R17 T 116 XL c c 73 340
215/60R17 T 100XL c c 72 340
225/60R17 T 103XL c c 72 340
225/65R17 T 106 XL c c 72 340
235/65R17 T 108 XL c c 72 340
265/60R18 T 114 XL c c 73 340
285/60R18 T 116 c c 75 300


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