FRO-20 Haulage Tire

Unique tread pattern design equips tire with excellent traction
Special curing procedures generates a reliable final product.
High-tensile specialized wire.

FRO-20 Haulage Tire, engineered for superior performance in heavy-duty hauling operations. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and reinforced materials, this tire offers unparalleled durability and reliability, ensuring optimal traction and stability even under the most demanding conditions.

The FRO-20 features a specially designed tread pattern that enhances grip on various surfaces, from rugged terrain to paved roads, enhancing overall handling and control. Its robust construction and advanced compound formula provide exceptional resistance to wear and tear, extending the tire’s lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

With its reinforced sidewalls and innovative tread design, the FRO-20 delivers excellent resistance against punctures and cuts, enhancing overall safety and efficiency on the job site. Whether you’re transporting heavy loads or navigating challenging terrain, trust the FRO-20 Haulage Tire to deliver uncompromising performance, durability, and reliability, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. Choose FRO-20 for unmatched performance and peace of mind in every haulage operation.

Tire Size PATTERN TT/TL Rim TRA CODE Load      Speed Index Star Rating Tread Overall Section Inflation Load Speed (Kmy/mph)
Depth Diameter Width Pressure Capacity
(mm/32ND) (mm/32ND) (mm/inch) (KPa/PSl) (Kg/Lbs)
14.00R25 FRO-20 TT/TL 10 E-4 171B ★★★ 38 1406 384 800 6150 50
48 55.4 15.1 116 13600 30
16.00R25 FRO-20 TT/TL 11.25/2.0 E-3 180B ★★★ 42 1495 438 800 8000 50
53 58.9 17.2 116 17600 30
18.00R25 FRO-20 TL 13.00/2.5 E-3 185B ★★ 55 1672 510 700 9250 50
69 65.8 20.1 102 20400 30
189B ★★★ 55 1672 510 800 10300 50
69 65.8 20.1 116 22700 30


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