FRO-29 Scraper Tyres

Good tread net-gross ratio provides superb traction.
Superior compound equips tires with satisfactory
manoeuvrability under extreme circumstances.
High-tensile specialized wire

Scraper tires are essential for heavy-duty earthmoving machinery, providing the traction and durability required for challenging terrains. Our scraper tires are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. With advanced tread designs and high-quality rubber compounds, our scraper tires offer superior grip and stability, enhancing the efficiency and safety of your operations.

Designed for compatibility with a range of scraper models, our tires are versatile and reliable, meeting the demands of various applications. Whether you’re working in construction, mining, or agriculture, our scraper tires deliver the traction and durability you need to get the job done.

Invest in our scraper tires for exceptional performance and reliability. Built to last, these tires will keep your scraper moving smoothly and efficiently, even in the most challenging environments. Trust in our scraper tires for your heavy-duty machinery needs.

Tire Size PATTERN TT/TL Rim TRA CODE Load      Speed Index Star Rating Tread Overall Section Inflation Load Speed (Kmy/mph)
Depth Diameter Width Pressure Capacity
(mm/32ND) (mm/32ND) (mm/inch) (KPa/PSl) (Kg/Lbs)
33.25R25 FRO-29 TL 27.00/3.5 E-3 212B ★★ 43.4 2222 861 525 20000 50
55 87.5 33.9 76 44100 30
37.25R25 FRO-29 TL 31.00/4.0 E-3 218B ★★ 47.4 2389 946 525 23600 50
60 94.1 37.2 76 52000 30


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